Your #1 Source for Premium Redshift Materials for Cinema4D. Scroll down and see what we got to offer.

Experience quality design and carefully crafted Materials.

Meticulously Made

Each Redshift material has been made with an attention to detail, with the purpose of making it easy to render, easy to use, easy to adapt to your Cinema4D Projects!

Quality Textures

We use high quality textures to ensure that you get a great Outcome. Clean nodes that you can easily edit and adapt to your situation as needed.


Check out our Redshift Material Gallery where you can take a closer look at the materials before deciding to make a purchase. Have fun and hopefully you find something you like!

How does it work?

1. Purchase the desired Redshift Material Package

With a very affordable price, you too can start making awesome 3D art with Redshift in Cinema4D. Great for Daily Art and Quick Texture your projects faster and take it to the next level.

2. Extract the Library File

After extracting the Redshift Material library file from the .zip Archive, simply put it in the Cinema4D installation path under Library. This way you can access it easily from the Content Browser.

3. Restart and make 3D Art

Now restart Cinema4D and your Redshift Materials are ready. Simply Drag-and-Drop the material on your 3D Model from the Content Browser and you're all set on making some awesome daily art for Instagram!

4. Important Notes

Certain Redshift Materials have Displacement so make sure to add a "Redshift Object Tag" to your 3D Model,Override the Geometry in the "Geometry" Tab and activate Displacement.

A wide selection of various Redshift Materials so your Artwork never gets boring

From This to That

We made these Redshift Material Packs with Variation in mind. You never know when you need some Mossy Iron mixed with some Damascus Steel and Ice!


Take full use of the power of Displacement to create realistic materials such as Snow and Lava, Metal Bumps and Indentations. If you need an Ancient Armor or a Glass Armor, we got you.

Hot! Over 150 different Redshift Materials for Cinema4D in 4 Packages . Purchase Redshift Material Packs starting at $20 USD.

Make your Renders stand out!

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The shader model is made by the great 3D artist Paulo Barrelas

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